The Early Bird knows you take your coffee seriously.

We also know your options are endless, with corporate America on every corner. But, let’s be real… locally-sourced ingredients and quality beverages make a difference.

We’re here for you.

The Early Bird offers convenient, conscientious beverages. We craft quality products that, as we like to say, help you "Get shit done”!

We strive to connect with like-minded, positive individuals as we work together towards a sustainable future defined by OUR community.

We can’t wait to meet you.

We've taken over the coffee bar at Mod!

Monday - Friday

7am - 2pm

(480) 364-3222

2828 N. Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Caring means using only the best ingredients

We support fair-trade coffee from Brazil

Our coffee is 100% fair trade certified.

We proudly serve Peixoto coffee beans. Peixoto is the only wholesale coffee roaster and distributor in Phoenix, Arizona that grows their own coffee. Direct, fair-trade beans from Brazil ensure crop to cup quality and care.

Proud Members of Local First Arizona. Think Local, Buy local, Be Local.

We source everything we can locally.

The Early Bird is not about being trendy, but rather is dedicated to the movement of being conscious about what we are consuming. Our journey is about the pursuit of excellence.

Our milk is from a local, family run dairy farm with over 50 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Danzeisen Dairy offers the freshest, best tasting milk direct from the farm to your coffee.

We care about what goes into our beverages because we care about you and our community.

Phoenix's best hot and cold coffee drinks served up daily.
Early Bird Phx.'s La Marsocco espresso machine.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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